Learning to Slow Down at Home

As a family, we have, over time, overcome the unthinkable. From illness to death, the strength and support of our bond has allowed us all to move forward. During this pandemic, we have embraced the good and the bad, hand-in-hand.

In the middle of February, one of our basset hounds, Stanlee, developed an agressive, benign tumour on his bottom gum. We have since realized that prior to his surgery, his gums were so inflamed that they nearly covered all of his bottom teeth. After his first biopsy, we were told by our vet that Stan needed to undergo a mandibulectomy procedure – a partial amputation to his jaw. We were devastated, but knew in order to save our pup’s life, we had to do what was best for him to continue living a comfortable life.

The surgery was successful, and the vet was able to remove every last bit of the mass. However, the recovery process was a rough road for us all. From force feeding our pup through a syringe, coaxing him to drink water, keep his despised cone at all times, and be by his side 24/7 to keep him calm and comfortable. Alas, one month later and he is healing every day, with an added spunk to his step. We are relieved.

During this chaotic time, we have found calming, spiritual Yoga classes help us feel grounded. We have one again come together as a family to embrace this beautiful practice, even tuning in to a CD class with our very first teacher, Derek Kendrik. We’ve also found joy in Yogrishi Vishveketu’s emotional release classes.

Slowing down at home doesn’t necessarily mean you must practice the physical parts of Yoga. This can also mean diving into a creative project, cooking, drawing, organizing, reading, taking a walk, embracing the fresh air – the options are endless. 

One thing is for sure, while our busy lives have been put to a halt, the present moment can now be experienced more than ever. Breathe it all in.

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