Let the cold


your practice.

There’s nothing new about cold Yoga, it has been practiced in the Himalayas for centuries – now Julie and Bronwyn are bringing the benefits of Chill Yoga to Ottawa, all Winter long!

Discover the benefits
of Chill Yoga

Movement in the cold is good for all bodies; it reduces inflammation and pain, boosts the immune system, encourages good brown fat production and burns more calories than hot Yoga! 

The challenges of movement and focus in the cold can be easily overcome with careful practice and simple layering.

Chill Yoga

Prepare for the
Weather with layers

We plan to offer outdoor Chill Yoga classes throughout the Fall and Winter. With a little extra planning and some willing weather, we’ll offer classes on-schedule unless there is a strong chance of rain/wet snow or frostbite risk.

Wear layers and good footwear! As your core begins to warm from breath and movement, you can peel away layers of outer clothing to avoid sweat. Likewise as we flow toward final modified resting pose, you can layer-back-on as your mind releases tension and begins to Chill!


Weather permitting

We’ll only offer outdoor classes when it’s safe for everyone. Temperatures above -10c including wind-chill (Feels like -10) work well to inspire your practice. We avoid icy/rainy conditions but some light snow is welcome and magical! 

We’ll update this page with cancellations. 

Free classes - donations welcome

We’re offering these Chill Yoga classes to our Community at no charge, to help those who need it most, at a time when Yoga is least-available to all.

We humbly accept your donations if you receive value from our instruction. You can e-transfer to info@simpleyoga.ca or donate in person. Thank you for your support.

Keeping our distance - together

We’re respecting all current Public Health guidelines to keep everyone safe. With plenty of room in our outdoor park setting, we’re keeping mats a minimum 6 feet apart allowing us to guide all the Chill Yogis. 

Everyone is welcome but registration is required to control safe class size – register early!